Get Off the TGIF Band Wagon

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Every morning I get on the bus, my conversation with the bus driver goes something like this:

Driver: Good morning, Angela. How are you?
Angela: I’m doing pretty good. How about yourself?
Driver: It’s [insert the day of the week].
Angela: Yes, it is. And how are you? (Inevitably, she’s happiest and most enthusiastic on Friday.)

Are you like this? Are you a TGIFer – only happy when it’s the last day of the traditional work week and the start of your weekend? Does the day of the week dictate your mood?

It’s wonderful to look forward to future events – we all do it at one point or another. But only being happy and thankful when it’s Friday? Really? Why leave yourself at the whim of something so arbitrary and outside of your control? Friday comes once every seven days, lasts for 24 hours and then it goes again. What’s so special about it and why choose to be happy or happiest only on Friday? And, even more than that, why limit your happiness and restrict your gratitude to this one day? Don’t you want more for yourself than that? I know I want more for you.

Let me tell you something, Friday, itself, isn’t what makes you feel happy and thankful. What makes you happy and thankful is what you think and feel about Friday. Let me break it down even further. You choose to be happy and thankful on Friday because you want to be. So, if you can choose this outlook on Friday, you can choose it on Monday or any other day of the week. That’s right. Happiness, thankfulness, it’s a choice.

I challenge you to choose it. Find something to be happy about and thankful for each and every day regardless of the day of the week. Seriously, start small if you have to, but do it. I promise you, you’ll feel much better.

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