Declare Your Independence Today

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Here in the U.S.A., we’re getting ready to celebrate Independence Day – the day we commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which represented the end of the control, authority and jurisdiction of Britain over the colonies. My question for you, have you signed your own personal Declaration of Independence in your life?

What’s got authority over you? What’s controlling you? How independent minded and clear about Y.O.U. (your own understanding), values and goals are you really?
For a long time, my blindness controlled me. It determined how I acted – shy and withdrawn, what I thought was possible for my life – loneliness, isolation and financial dependence, and how I felt about myself – totally unworthy of love, support or anything positive. And, when coaching clients first come to me so many are controlled by what they are “supposed to” want, what success and leadership “”should” look like and how they are supposed to act. It breaks my heart to see such beautiful, strong, talented women being oppressed by a ruler that doesn’t understand who they are and what their heart and soul wants them to be and do. That’s when we dig in and declare their independence once and for all. Then, we create, design and build a system that works for them.

Independence isn’t about being a lone wolf – nobody’s truly alone. True, it’s you alone who can do it, but you can’t do it alone. Every giant leap of blind faith requires a support “N-Network” (the 4th of my master keys to success). Declaring your independence is about taking a stand for freedom – freedom from what you don’t want, freedom to do and be you and embracing the essential support of like-minded people.

Did you know that signing the Declaration of Independence was considered an Act of Treason? After signing the Declaration, John Hancock remarked that Congress must now “all hang together”. Benjamin Franklin replied, “Yes, we must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

I’m inviting you to commit an act of treason, be a trader to the status quo, and hang together with me. So, go ahead, declare your independence from whatever’s controlling you. Do it, today! I want to celebrate you this 4th of July! I’m declaring a independence and creating a new nation where success, happiness and thriving is the norm!

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