“Angela, I just had my biweekly meeting with my boss and Wow, what an empowering experience that was! I used the strategies we developed in our coaching sessions and I left the meeting feeling very much in control and not deflated like I had in the past! I am feeling really good about what I have been able to accomplish so far and where I am going. Our coaching sessions have really helped me focus and start to be a better planner. Although we’ve only had three sessions, I am already starting to feel like I am creating a better and more successful me!”

Sarah Favro, Development Manager


“Angela, You are an inspiration to us all. So many of us use our short comings as excuses for not doing or accomplishing things. You are proof that desire is more important than anything else. Continued success to you and thank you for answering personal questions. ”

Avis Sell


“Your words really resonated with me and are definitely an encouragement in so many ways… You are inspirational!”

C.J. Loney


“Angela, you are such an inspiration and an excellent speaker. I envy your poise and ease at answering many difficult touchy questions. Good luck to you. I wish you continued success in your professional
and personal life. You are amazing.”

Lynn Berman


“I thank you for the seminar and you are inspirational. I’ve had problems with depression most of my life, and I enjoy hearing positive people who overcome obstacles.”

D. Lockwood


“Your extraordinary ability to overcome your disability is moving and a true testament to your ability to constantly endeavor. Though I do not have any disability, your remarkable story really challenges me to strive for more in my own life and reminds me that obstacles are meant to be overcome. An inspirational life is meant to inspire and you’re doing just that.”

K.S. Dunna


“I do not have a disability, none-the-less your story inspired me and added to the mental hope chest I carry with me everywhere I go. To me the story was just as much about looking fear into its eyes and not blinking first, as it was about overcoming obstacles.”

J. Brock


“I just read the WSJ article featuring you and wanted to write you a note to express my admiration for your spirit and your courage. You are an amazing inspiration and living proof that you are, and can do,
what you think. I have no doubt that you offer your clients a unique and unmatched perspective into their legal issues.”

J. Bass


“Just wanted to reach out and say keep up the good work. Without question, your story has inspired many people.”

J.H. Davis


“Angela, Good luck! Keep up the good work and never give up.”

P.B. Volmes

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