A Better Way to Keep Score: Create A Soundtrack for Your Life

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When I was at the Seeing Eye training to get my dog, one of the women there commented on how lovely she thought my walk was. She wanted to know my secret. She had lost her walk after an unexpected and severe illness and never regained it. I asked her what was her theme song. She was a little confused at first and said she didn’t have one. I explained to her that I had a theme song for different scenarios, feelings and moods I want to invoke. For instance, when she saw me walking down that long hallway, I likely was playing The Commodore’s Brick House in my head- that’s right- “she’s mighty, mighty”. And, before presentations or a speaking engagement, I listen to Bob Sima’s “How You Made Them Feel” in which he sings, “they won’t remember everything you said, but oh they won’t forget; they’ll always remember, how you made them feel”. I’ve got dozens of go to songs like that.

Have you ever watched a movie that had a really sparse soundtrack? Could you imagine what it would be like to watch a thriller without that orchestral bum- bum at a pivotal point; a romantic comedy without that sappy, love song. It just wouldn’t b the same, would it? Music is so important for drawing us in and foreshadowing our emotional responses. So, with that back drop in mind, do you have a soundtrack for your life? And, how’s the music on your iPod or in your head setting the scene for your life?

Create a musical score for your daily life Not just fun, fluffy songs that sound good- that’s important too and there always is a time and place for those songs- for some reason, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back always comes up whenever I’m in a dressing room trying on pants. But, seriously, create a meaningful score of songs that motivates you, inspires you and reconnects you to your highest and best self. Just try it, it’s pretty magical.



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