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Do you ever feel crazy for following your dreams? Do you have a big vision for your life and ever just feel like throwing in the towel? Do you ask yourself what’s this all for? Do you ever feel like giving up? You put yourself out there time and time again to no avail. You step up to the challenge, stretch yourself a little further, invest in yourself one more time, and nothing seems to be happening- or at least not in the way you hoped…? And, then when you try to walk away from your dream, your heart breaks because you know with every fiber of your being the difference you were meant to make is tied up in fulfilling that dream and making your big vision a reality?

If you’ve ever felt this way, know you are not alone. I feel this way too. And, I know continuing to work toward your dream, despite obstacles, in the face of adversity and seemingly without support or immediately visible results, is a choice. It is a painstaking, heartfelt choice based purely on instinct and intuition- or what I call blind faith. Your family and friends may look at you crazy and simply don’t understand why you keep at it like you do. I know how this feels and I get why you keep on keepin on. I’ve done this multiple times in my life and every time I come out the other side stronger, happier and more grateful. Knowing this still doesn’t make the process any easier.

What does help make the journey more graceful is trusting in yourself and the innate power that you possess. When you fully embrace the fact- and it is a fact- that you are the only one that can be a definitive expert in you, you are accepting your responsibility as a co-creator of your life. In other words, you are not only living life, you are empowering yourself and creating the life you’re living. Choosing this path and walking in blind faith is no easy task- don’t let the self-help gurus convince you that it’s a cake walk or that they know what’s best- they don’t, they may have a process and can offer invaluable support, but only you know what your heart is calling you to do, be and share. Walking in blind faith is not easy, but it’s so worth it.

I believe in you and the tremendous power of the human spirit that lies within you. It is something we all possess, but don’t always tap into. Start tapping into the power of the human spirit. It is a resource that is right there waiting for you.

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