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google-plus-hangout-600x367Join me for a Google Hangout interview with @Bob Sima tomorrow.. RSVP Today please… http://bit.ly/1A327VD

The power of this man’s voice to open your heart and touch your soul… whieu! He held me spellbound and after I heard Bob Sima sing for the first time, I literally gave him the keys to my house and welcomed him in – that’s before I ever even talked to him person to person!

Then, when we did meet, he effortlessly helped me find my own singing voice, I wrote a song and I got to sing it with him! I’ll tell you the whole story during the hangout… I knew his music had to be shared with the world and I felt called to be a part of that movement. And, the thing I love most about Bob’s music is that it’s not just music with a message, it’s GOOD music with a message. His music inspires me and I’ve been grooving out on it almost every day for almost a year- it doesn’t get old. And, to top it off Bob, himself, is a generous, beautiful soul. I’m so thrilled to interview him and hope you can be there. http://bit.ly/1A327VD

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