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Yes, that’s right, my dear. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s all about you. Sound self-centered? You’d better believe it is and you’d better get used to it if you want to create a positive impact in this world while living a life you love. Depending on your outlook, that might sound like a bad thing to you. I’ll tell you why it’s absolutely not…

Because you are going to be with you for the rest of your life. Where ever you go and whatever you do, you’re always going to be in the company of yourself. So, why not dive right into the heart of you? You do want to be the best you possible, don’t you? Well, that’s all about you, my love. It will have a tremendous impact on others, but when it really comes down to it, it’s all about you. And, I’m not talking about your typical self-centeredness. I’m talking about being centered in who you are and what you stand for.

Even when you are all about service and caring for other people, it’s still all about you. You say, that can’t be true, being of service isn’t about me, it’s about helping others and doing good. I ask, doing good, based on what? The answer is it’s doing good based on YOU – your own understanding of yourself, other people, the world, how it operates and what you believe to be good. It all comes back to you. Even if hundreds, thousands or millions of people agree with you, your choice to accept and recognize the common good as something that resonates with who you are and what you do most certainly is about you. It says something about you. Don’t feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed about it. Own it. Love it and celebrate it – ‘cause it’s you – the real, live, authentic you. Let it shine.

To do this, you have to move from self-consciousness to self-awareness. You have to stop being overly worried about what people think of you and start getting to know and love you. You’ve got to figure out where you end and other people begin. Yes, we’re all connected- that’s the human spirit in all of us, but we are not one in the same. We are our own unique expressions of life. So, you’ve got to be the definitive expert in you. That doesn’t mean closing yourself off and shutting out valuable feedback from others. It means having the compassion to allow yourself to be honest with yourself about your strengths, gifts and talents, your flaws, weaknesses and challenges as well as your attitudes, values and beliefs.

Until you get it’s really about YOU, you’re just a person running around doing good. But, when you get it’s all about YOU, doing good becomes an expression of who you are, the actions you take and how you choose to live your life. The difference is that, if you aren’t self aware enough to realize that you are at the center of what you’re doing, you will get exhausted, frustrated and angry. You likely will judge others and not understand why they aren’t hopping on board with you and doing good in the exact same way. But, when you realize where and how you fit in to what you’re doing, you not only show up more powerfully with much more ease and grace, you also are able to attract attention and support from all different types of people you never thought you could.

So, get in the center of you and make what you do about you- today and everyday!

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